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Conservation is at the heart of everything we do. Our expeditions and nature tours contribute directly to wildlife conservation projects.

Reptile and Amphibian Encounters in Mayan ruins

Reptile and Amphibian encounters in Mayan ruins I first visited Guatemala in 2012 and apart from the opportunity to find snakes, a big draw was the ancient Mayan civilisation - as it is for many people who visit the country. During that first trip I spent a...

Reptile and Amphibian Diversity in Guatemala

Reptile and Amphibian Diversity in Guatemala Guatemala is known by many experts as a megadiverse country, meaning that it is home to a great many species of both animals and plants. This is all the more impressive given its small size - approximately half the land...

Endangered Amphibian Research Guatemala

Endangered Amphibian Research in the Highlands of Alta Verapaz Guatemala   We're here in Alta Verapaz in the Highlands of Guatemala as part of our endangered amphibian research. A big focus of our work here is to see what the population status of various...

Glamorous Glass frogs… jewels of the forest.

Glamorous Glass frogs. Jewels of the forest. It’s true to say that until recently my herpetological interests focussed primarily on reptiles, well snakes in fact. That is until my regular forays to Central America, and the neotropical forests of Guatemala started two...

Abronia – alligator lizards of the cloud forests

Abronia - alligator lizards of the cloud forests The cloud forests of the tropics are mysterious places cloaked in mist and draped in lichen and moss. Unlike the hot and humid lowlands, cloud forests can often feel cool and damp because they are usually covered in...

When Identifying Coral Snakes

When Identifying Coral Snakes When identifying coral snakes we often think of  ‘red to black venom lack, red to yellow kill a fellow’. This simple rhyme originated in the United States where it can be successfully used to identify the two native species of coral...

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Amphibian Conservation

Alta Verapaz, Guatemala

Amphibian conservation

Our Amphibian Conservation Expeditions are open to anyone with an interest in the natural world, who wants to make a positive contribution to conservation.

Sea Turtle Conservation

El banco, Guatemala

Sea Turtle Conservation

Our Sea Turtle Conservation Expeditions are open to anyone with an interest in sea turtles, who wants to help protect the nesting beaches to ensure the continued survival of sea turtles at el Banco.

In Partnership with Estación Biológica el Banco


Volunteer Researchers

A Truly Gratifying Research Experience In Guatemala

A Truly Gratifying Research Experience In Guatemala

Xucaneb Amphibian Project Many many thanks to Rowland for your tireless effort and enthusiasm and for imparting your knowledge of this magnificent habitat. My expectations have been blown out of the water in every respect. We have spent 10 days in the most awesome of...

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Our research projects are designed for wildlife enthusiasts who wish to explore the less travelled road. They offer you the opportunity to contribute to projects at the leading edge of conservation.

In Partnership with Fundaselva

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