Rowland Griffin

conservation biologist, herpetologist, and director of Indigo Expeditions



wildlife documentary

Patly Productions explores Laguna del Tigre National Park, Guatemala, as part of it’s Vu Sur Terre Series in 2017.

Nigel Marven (from Animal Planet) with Rowland Griffin filming Wild Guatemala in 2020.

Nigel Marven Wild Guatemala
Nigel Marven Wild Guatemala
Nigel Marven Wild Guatemala
Nigel Marven Wild Guatemala


Herpetological observations from field expeditions to North Karnataka and Southwest Maharashtra, India

Authors: Lewis, T.R., S. Piggott, R. Griffin, P. Greig-Smith, G. Martin, G. Barretto, K. Bajibab, J. Thorpe-Dixon, P. Prodromou, M. Fordham, D. Willis, J. Turner, A. Radovanovic, D.L Holloway, R. Wood, N. Hand, S. Lloyd, M. Clapson, J. Hennesy, And G.Oldham


Morphology and ecology of Sibon snakes (Squamata: Dipsadidae) from two forests in Central America

Authors: Lewis, T.R., R.K. Griffin, P.B.C. Grant, A. Figueroa, J.M. Ray, K.E. Graham, and G. David


Tropidipsas fasciatus: Distribution: Volume 45(3)

Authors: Griffin, R. & G. Powell


Rowland Griffin
reptile and amphibian research Guatemala


The Venom Interviews

Listen to Nathaniel Frank on the first episode of The Venom Interviews radio show, along side herpetologist and friend Rowland Griffin. Hosted by Ray Morgan.

September 2015

Herping Guatemala with Rowland Griffin - 65 Reptile n Chill

Reptile n Chill Podcast by Reptile n Chill
Two bearded individuals bringing you exclusive banter to insight from herpetologists, private keepers and general reptile enthusiasts.

February 2020

Indigo Reports

Indigo Expeditions

The herpetofauna of Sierra Chilaxha

Authors: Gary Powell, Bruce Edley and Rowland Griffin.


Indigo Expeditions

Herpetofauna of Rubel Chaim

Authors: Rowland Griffin and Adela Mei


Indigo Expeditions

Xucaneb Amphibian Project Report

Authors: Rowland Griffin and Adela Mei


Indigo Expeditions

The Amphibians & Reptiles of CCFC species List

Author: Rowland Griffin



We consider it a privilege to host Indigo Expeditions.

Thank you for demonstrating your profound appreciation for nature and every living creature and the vast complexities of our interconnectedness.

We are pleased to count you as our friends and part of our conservation team. You are welcome here!

Rob & Tara Cahill

Community Cloud Forest Conservation

Thankyou Rowland and Adela for opening a door from my heart to learning more about reptiles.

This trip was full of firsts, it always replenishes my soul to explore with such wonderful people, to be able to share, explore and learn.

Rowland is always a patient, kind and generous teacher. He shares his knowledge passionately.

The setting is wonderful, the hosts are warm. I was able to enjoy a mindful and wonderful few days!


I learn to keep my eyes trying to spot reptiles in many different angles and focus… that helped me be inside the forest with a special attention that makes me feel all the benefits of nature.

I also learned to respect nature more than I had, and to respect reptiles because of the importance that they have for the environment..

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to explore and learn from you. And to meet wonderful Guatemalans and foreigners that make such a wonderful and good impact to our country.. we respect and thank you very much.