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Community Cloud Forest Conservation in Alta Verapaz

Community Cloud Forest Conservation in Alta Verapaz

Every year, at Community Cloud Forest Conservation, we have a wonderful opportunity to learn more about our amphibians and reptiles, because of the expertise of Indigo Expeditions that they bring in their expeditions, their volunteers that come here, and we have a lovely time with them. It’s really a wonderful time.

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Volunteer with Indigo at Community Cloud Forest Conservation

The Community Cloud Forest Conservation expedition with Indigo Expeditions was another experience I will remember for years to come, just like my earlier expedition to Las Guacamayas. I came hoping to see plenty of new herps, and I wasn't disappointed; so many...

Develop your herpetology skills with Indigo!

Sheri Bokhari - I have had a keen passion for animals since as far back as i can remember, but have had a special fascination for the reptile and amphibian kingdom for the last 11 years. With a particular interest in snakes, my knowledge and experience grew through...

Contribute to herpetological research in Guatemala

Ben Owens - Volunteer researcher Having nothing planned for the summer of 2015 other than a summer job, when the opportunity to get involved with Indigo expeditions out in Guatemala arose I quickly dived right in. I stayed out in Las Guacamayas for 6 weeks being...

Explore your career in conservation!

Guatemala sounded so exotic and remote to me, I was intrigued by the beautiful scenery and the species diversity. As a zoologist who had developed their career towards educational conservation, I felt it had been too long since I had done some proper conservation...

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