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Community Cloud Forest Conservation in Alta Verapaz

Community Cloud Forest Conservation in Alta Verapaz

Every year, at Community Cloud Forest Conservation, we have a wonderful opportunity to learn more about our amphibians and reptiles, because of the expertise of Indigo Expeditions that they bring in their expeditions, their volunteers that come here, and we have a lovely time with them. It’s really a wonderful time.

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Amphibian Conservation

Agroecology in the Mayan Cloud Forests of Guatemala

Agroecology in the cloud forests of Guatemala Corn is a sacred crop to the Mayan peoples of Guatemala. Unfortunately the cultivars most commonly used in the cloud forests require pesticides and fertilisers to grow well, and this destroys soil quality. After a few...

Salamander extravaganza in Guatemala

Salamanders of Guatemala There are around 50 species of salamander found in Guatemala and they all belong to a family called the Plethodontidae, also known as the lungless salamanders. Having no lungs, they breathe by absorbing oxygen through their skin and mouth...

A Truly Gratifying Research Experience In Guatemala

Xucaneb Amphibian Project Many many thanks to Rowland for your tireless effort and enthusiasm and for imparting your knowledge of this magnificent habitat. My expectations have been blown out of the water in every respect. We have spent 10 days in the most awesome of...

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