A Truly Gratifying Research Experience In Guatemala

Xucaneb Amphibian Project

Many many thanks to Rowland for your tireless effort and enthusiasm and for imparting your knowledge of this magnificent habitat.

My expectations have been blown out of the water in every respect. We have spent 10 days in the most awesome of places, in great company, with exceptional food and have found some truly amazing creatures.

To be able to be part of such important work is a truly gratifying experience. To have found four Bothriechis has just been amazeballs! I was over the moon at finding one on the first night, but to have gone on to find three more was beyond cool.

I have learnt new skills in terms of the chytrid and biometric work as well as brushing up on  my field survey skills. The whole experience has been one of inspiration and personal enrichment, truly, truly unique. I cannot wait to return to Alta Verapaz (hopefully before the year is out).

Motagua Valley 29 April 2017

The two days in the Motagua Valley were also awesome. Really great to see the beaded lizards. Great to be able to compare two very different habitats.

Altogether, an absolutely awesome two weeks. Couldn’t recommend highly enough.

Many thanks to all involved, especially Rowland and Adela.

Amy Schuring

Indigo Expeditions

Indigo Team April 2017.
Adam Radovanovic (left), Rowland Griffn (centre), and Amy Shuring (right).

Published : 19th July 2017


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