Volunteer with Indigo at Community Cloud Forest Conservation

Indigo Expeditions Wildlife Research & Endangered Species Conservation in Guatemala

The Community Cloud Forest Conservation expedition with Indigo Expeditions was another experience I will remember for years to come, just like my earlier expedition to Las Guacamayas.

I came hoping to see plenty of new herps, and I wasn’t disappointed; so many fantastic species were found, including some critically endangered and scientifically significant ones that I felt very privileged to see.

There was also the opportunity to see some truly beautiful scenery in the Guatemalan highlands, from a variety of altitudes!

As well as this, the expedition was very physically and mentally challenging and allowed me to learn a lot about my own capabilities.

Rowland and the other volunteers were very supportive at the more difficult times, and wonderful to work with as a whole.

Not enough good things can be said about the quality of the CCFC centre itself.

The facilities were extremely comfortable; the food in particular was extremely satisfying; and Rob, Tara and everyone else present at the centre were brilliant, helpful people that it was a delight to spend time with.

Overall, this expedition was brilliant in so many ways, and I’m very glad I was able to participate – thank you for the opportunity!

Richard Southworth

Volunteer Researcher May 2015

Published : 3rd June 2016


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