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Amphibian Conservation 11 Days

Group Size: 12 No longer booking
Departure Date: 8 July 2019

Sea Turtle Conservation 9 Days

Group Size: In progress!
Departure Date: 19 July 2019
Contribution: £1,720 exc.flights

Nature Tour 13 Days

Group Size: 12 BOOKING NOW!
Departure Date: 6 September 2019
Contribution: £2,990 (Early bird £2,800) exc.flights

Amphibian Expedition 11 Days

Group Size: 12 BOOKING NOW!
Departure Date: 23 September 2019
Contribution:£1,720 (Early bird £1,440) exc.flights

Indigo Conservation

Conservation is at the heart of everything we do. Our expeditions and nature tours contribute directly to wildlife conservation projects.

At Indigo Expeditions we believe in supporting projects that have long lasting positive effects on wildlife and local communities. By participating on our expeditions you will help to safeguard endangered wildlife populations for future generations. By working together we can make positive change happen.

The only way for life to be sustained is by reconnecting with nature‘ – Sandra Ingerman

Be still.. and listen. On our expeditions and nature tours, being quiet and respectful in nature offers the opportunity for wildlife to come to us and for nature to reveal its secrets. In the stillness the forest comes alive and each rustle of a leaf, each movement in the trees, is a wildlife moment waiting to happen.

Nature itself offers a powerful doorway into the invisible realms‘ – Sandra Ingerman

Connect with nature

Discover Guatemala

Land of the Maya, Guatemala is a small and beautifully diverse country in Central America.  Over half of the inhabitants are of direct Mayan ancestry, the majority of which live in the highland regions of the country.

This rich culture is a reflection of Guatemala’s diverse landscapes and habitats, that range from volcanic mountain ranges to lowland rainforest, and coastal mangrove swamps to deserts. These diverse habitats are home to an amazing 1246 species of animals and 8682 species of plants.

One of Guatemala’s biggest exports is the famous coffee that is grown throughout the mountainous regions of the country. Another export, cacao often made into chocolate, was considered a sacred plant and was so important to the Mayans that at certain points in their history the beans were considered currency. References to hot chocolate date back to around 900AD from Mayan inscriptions.

Guatemala is not as well travelled as many of its Central American neighbours, such as Belize and Costa Rica. Being off the beaten track, it is ripe for exploration and discovery by the intrepid traveller.

Indigo on Film

Explore the Laguna del Tigre National Park, Guatemala. Discover the life of biologist Rowland Griffin on his conservation mission and follow his adventures in this stunning film by Patly Productions.

Meet Rowland

Bringing all his skills and experience to you as a biologist, international reptile and amphibian specialist, and dedicated explorer, Rowland Griffin personally leads your conservation expedition or nature tour. On hand to answer your questions,  and make sure your time exploring with us is simply awesome.

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Explore with Indigo and connect with nature. Our conservation expeditions are designed for nature lovers like you!

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Field notes

Absorb the Mayan culture of Lake Atitlán

Absorb the Mayan culture of Lake Atitlán As you travel west out of Guatemala City for about 4 hours you will find yourself at Atitlán, an idyllic lake high in the mountains. Here in the crisp air surrounded by volcanos, is one of Guatemala’s natural wonders. When the...

Immerse yourself in Caribbean rainforest

Immerse yourself in Caribbean rainforest - welcome to Las Escobas When you reach the Caribbean coast of Guatemala you suddenly realise the forests are different. For the first time you find yourself in Guatemala’s only true rainforest. As lush and verdant as cloud...

Discover sunsets and sea turtles on the Pacific Coast

Discover sunsets and sea turtles on the Pacific Coast You'll drive out of the mountains and past several volcanos on your way to the coastal plains in the south of Guatemala. Here on the Pacific Coast you'll find the Estación Biólogica el Banco, a biological station...

Night hiking with mossy frogs and salamanders

Hiking with salamanders on the border of Honduras Imagine you're in the south east of Guatemala, close to the border with Honduras, and you'll discover the Merendon Mountains. On your adventure to reach these remote peaks, you're unlikely to encounter other...

Enter the wild west of Guatemala

Enter the wild west of Guatemala You'll find the dry thorn scrub of the Motagua Valley is unlike any other habitat in Guatemala. Looking like a scene from a Wild West movie, you half expect a cowboy to come riding round the corner… and that is often exactly what you...

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