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Our expeditions are designed for wildlife enthusiasts with a passion for exploring the tropics. We specialise in the reptile and amphibian groups of Guatemala, Central America.


18 MAY – 30 MAY 2018
10 MAY – 22 MAY 2019


23 JUN – 4 JUL 2018
23 JUN – 4 JUL 2019


23 JUN – 23 AUG 2018
23 JUN – 23 AUG 2019

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A huge thanks to Rowland for yet another incredible experience.

Adam Radovanovic

Thank you for demonstrating your profound appreciation for nature.

Rob & Tara Cahill

Field Notes

Olive ridleys make their home at the Tortugario el Banco

Olive Ridleys make their home at the Tortugario el Banco   Olive ridley sea turtles (Lepidochelys olivacea) are the smallest of the seven species of sea turtles, reaching a length of about 60 centimetres. They are found throughout the worlds tropical waters. Olive...

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12 Days of Indigo Christmas Special!

“The 12 Days of Indigo”   With Christmas just around the corner its time of carols and festivities. This we are getting into the spirit of things with the help of some of our talented Research Assistants who created “The 12 Days of Indigo.” The lyrics were...

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Welcome to the tortugario el Banco, Guatemala

Welcome to the tortugario el Banco   The tortugario el Banco. Somewhere on the Pacific Coast of Guatemala you can find a small community called el Banco, where the volcanic sands on the beach provide ideal nesting conditions for three species of sea turtle, olive...

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Amphibians of Laguna del Tigre National Park

Amphibians of Laguna del Tigre National Park   Laguna del Tigre National Park is a challenging environment for amphibians. For a tropical forest it receives relatively little annual rainfall and most of that falls within just a few months each year. Due to high...

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