Community Cloud Forest Conservation in Alta Verapaz

Community Cloud Forest Conservation

Community Cloud Forest Conservation

Thank you for demonstrating your profound appreciation for nature and every living creature and the vast complexities of our interconnectedness.

We appreciate your professionalism and skilful handling of all the animals, with great care.

We are impressed by your serious, patient and generous teaching of others, your wealth of knowledge, expertise and skill for working with and understanding reptiles and amphibians.

We feel safe and confident in the adamant safety and security practices and rules that you teach and enforce for the well-beng of all – both people and animals.

We are pleased to count you as our friends and part of our conservation team. You are welcome here!

Rob & Tara Cahill

Community Cloud Forest Conservation - Communidad de Conservacion Tz’unun

Community Cloud Forest Conservation – Testimonial

“All right, well here at Community Cloud Forest Conservation, we’re always happy to see the people from Indigo Expeditions coming. They’re a lovely bunch of people to work with, and we really enjoy having our annual visits from Indigo Expeditions.

And it’s really important that they are doing the work that they’re doing so we have a better idea what what kinds of fauna are in the cloud forest that we’re trying to protect.

So we’re Community Cloud Forest Conservation and we’re working for the conservation, these cloud forests. But without experts in different fields, including in amphibians and reptiles, we don’t really have a good handle on what’s out there, and what the conservation priority is for certain species.

And every year, we have a wonderful opportunity to learn more about our amphibians and reptiles, because of the expertise of Indigo Expeditions that they bring in their expeditions, their volunteers that come here, and we have a lovely time with them. It’s really a wonderful time.

I really appreciate Indigo Expeditions because they’re very, very conscientious about the species that we’re trying to protect, about the cloud forest, and I really appreciate the way that they do their work, because it’s evident in every step and every movement that they make, that they’re really putting the animals first, that they’re really concerned about the health and well being of the ecosystem and the well being of each individual component of the ecosystem, whether it’s a small tree frog or a snake or a lizard.

And, they are for us kind of a window into another world. Where we tend to focus a lot on birds here, because it’s our area of expertise. But for us to have people like the Indigo Expeditions coming here that are open source in the information, they’re willing to share with us their findings and every year we get a report from them and we learn about what species are here and then they share with us that important information that helps us know more about the cloud forest that we’re trying to protect.”

– Rob Cahill

Published : 13th July 2021


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