Immerse yourself in Caribbean rainforest – welcome to Las Escobas

When you reach the Caribbean coast of Guatemala you suddenly realise the forests are different. For the first time you find yourself in Guatemala’s only true rainforest. As lush and verdant as cloud forest and yet, being close to sea level, hot and humid. The forest here is tall and overpowering, if you are lucky you will find some shards of light penetrating the canopy.

To be classed as rainforest, a forest needs to receive over 2000mm of rain a year, and as the local saying goes ‘if you can’t see Cerro San Gil then its raining, and if you can then it will be raining soon.

Cerro San Gil is a lone mountain on the Caribbean coast, and on its lower slopes you will find the Las Escobas Reserve. Here is the perfect place to unwind amongst the waterfalls and fern surrounded pools, whilst you soak up the forest atmosphere.

Waterfall at Escobas

Eyelash pitviper Bothriechis schlegelli

Annulated treeboa, Corallus anulata

Fer de lance, Bothrops asper