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Plectrohyla teuchestes – spikethumb frogs on the brink of extinction

In 2015 Indigo Expeditions led its first conservation expedition to the cloud forests of Alta Verapaz, in the highlands of Guatemala. We didn’t expect to encounter one of Central America’s most endangered frogs – Plectrohyla teuchestes, otherwise known as the Alta Verapaz spikethumb frog.

Celebrating Conservation Collaboration – with National Reptile Zoo

Celebrating Conservation Collaboration! Conservation and research organisation Indigo Expeditions and National Reptile Zoo partner to develop turtle research in Guatemala.  On a magical trip to Guatemala back in 2013 Rowland Griffin received the inspiration to set up...

Pattern Recognition – The Natural ID Mark

I have always felt that some of the traditional methods of marking anurans (frogs and toads) and lizards were outdated and unnecessary. They often involve clipping the toes and fingers in different combinations to give a unique code that allows for identification of...

Endangered Amphibians In The Cloud Forests

Endangered Amphibians In The Cloud Forests Of Alta Verapaz When Indigo Expeditions first visited CCFC in 2014 we encountered 11 species of amphibians during a 3 day exploratory survey.  8 of those species were considered to be endangered by the IUCN redlist, 3 species...

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