Absorb the Mayan culture of Lake Atitlán

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Absorb the Mayan culture of Lake Atitlán

As you travel west out of Guatemala City for about 4 hours you will find yourself at Atitlán, an idyllic lake high in the mountains.

Here in the crisp air surrounded by volcanos, is one of Guatemala’s natural wonders. When the conditions are right you’ll marvel at the mirror-like quality the waters seem to have, near perfect reflections of sky and mountains.

As you start to explore the shores of Atitlán you begin to notice that there are many habitats for you to experience. On the southern shores you’ll discover lush green forest. On the north you’ll trek in dry scrubby habitat. This makes Atitlán the perfect place for you to discover diverse wildlife including arboreal alligator lizards and highland guan.

In the local towns you’ll experience contemporary Mayan culture. You’ll walk through the markets discovering a vibrant scene of fresh fruit and vegetables, herbs and spices, and of course Mayan weavings of all colours that the region is famous for.

The perfect place for you to pick up your souvenirs or just relax with a coffee and soak it all up.

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Photo Credits: Renato Fernandez, Guatemala Nature Tours


Published : 11th July 2019

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