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I am so very excited to announce the launch of Project Chicchan’s brand spanking new website and it’s very first herpetology expedition to El Petén in Northern Guatemala in May 2013.

Project Chicchan’s expeditions focus on researching the ecology of reptiles and amphibians in areas of the tropics where little or no research has previously been carried out.

The image order levaquin online above is Ameiva festiva – a colourful little fella.. or girl…

Our volunteer expedition to El Petén will spend 13 nights at the remote Estación Biológica Las Guacamayas in the Laguna Del Tigre National Park. We will be the first group to thoroughly survey the pristine rainforest here for herpetofauna. For more information click here.

Rowland Griffin



Published : 12th November 2012

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