Our Vision is of a world where the inter-connectedness of all life is honoured & appreciated, bringing humankind into harmonious relationship with Nature, the Earth and all Creatures in the web of life.

Rowland Griffin

Rowland Griffin

Conservation Entrepreneur and Director of Indigo Expeditions

For more than 25 years, I have been fascinated by the world of reptiles and amphibians.

My earliest inspiration came from a Burmese python that I had the pleasure of meeting at school when I was just 8. A few years later, having found out I was allergic to fur!!! I brought home my first pet… a garter snake.

My fascination deepened until a pivotal moment came in 2006 during a trip to Peru when I encountered my first wild pitviper – the “Loro machaco“.

From that moment on I have been adventuring, exploring wild places, and discovering new species!

Rowland Griffin “advocate for the conservation of reptiles and amphibians”

Our Commitment

Indigo Expeditions are committed to the principles of deep ecology, world humanism, and unity in diversity. We encourage working with integrity and a respect for all life.


Adela Mei

Adela Mei

Conservation Entrepreneur and Director of Indigo Expeditions

My interest in snakes was sparked by meeting Rowland at University where we were Undergrads back in 1997 studying Ecology & Conservation.

My journey in tropical ecology took me to the rainforest of Peru, where I carried out several research projects in the Tambopata National Reserve, and the Manu Biosphere Reserve.

One of my research interests was the effect of human activity, such as logging or hunting, on biodiversity.

Among my wildlife encounters, I was privileged to meet fer-de-lance, bushmaster, and loro machaco the green tree viper… and live to tell the tale!

Adela Mei “catalyst for positive planetary change and earth healing”

Aims & Objectives

One of the main aims is to further our understanding of the ecology and behaviour of reptile and amphibians in tropical forests through research, and to promote unity in diversity and respect for all life.

One of the main objectives is to develop a training programme Herping for the Future based on strong ethical protocols, based on our own principles of deep ecology and the natural order of ecosystems.

Indigo Initiatives

Conservation Expeditions: Promoting the importance of field biology, ecology, and experiencing nature directly.

Field Biology Training ‘Herping for the Future’: Providing training with a focus on ethical and respectful survey and monitoring protocols.

Inspiring Others: Modelling planetary service, encouraging working with integrity & compassion for all life.

Please support our mission to promote the conservation of biodiversity in Guatemala! All donations go directly to fund our conservation projects.

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