Night hiking with mossy frogs and salamanders

Hiking with salamanders on the border of Honduras

Imagine you’re in the south east of Guatemala, close to the border with Honduras, and you’ll discover the Merendon Mountains. On your adventure to reach these remote peaks, you’re unlikely to encounter other travellers! Your reward for exploring far off the beaten track, is a wondrous experience of diversity and pristine forests.

You’ll be impressed by the cloud forests of the Merendons, pristine jungles, home to an amazing array of species. And you’ll discover these forests are especially rich in amphibians and reptiles, many only found in this single mountain range.

Picture you’re night hiking in the Merendons through these forests, knowing as many as 18 species of amphibians and reptiles alone wait for you to discover them! Some of these are truly spectacular.

As you follow mountain streams, you’ll almost certainly discover red-eyed mossy frogs – only known from a few mountain ranges in Guatemala and Honduras. If you’re lucky, you’ll be greeted by salamanders. You may encounter the tiny dwarf salamander – only reaching a few centimetres in length – or Doflein’s climbing salamander – a giant reaching nearly 20 cm!

You’re gonna love the reptiles in this part of the world. And discover a true gem – only known from this single mountain range, the Merendon palm-pitviper is a stunning animal. Usually it is green and blue, but just occasionally green and purple individuals are found. You’re not gonna to be disappointed – it’s a rare sight to behold.

You’ll be amazed with spectacular forests and unique wildlife. You’re trip to the Merendons will be one to remember!

Yellow-spotted night lizard, Lepidophyma flavimaculatum

Forest habitat

Red eyed mossy frog, Duellmanohyla soralia

Forest habitat


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