More Mexican Mussarana – Clelia Scytalina Make An Appearance

News from the Field 5 November 2014!

I just got off the phone (apparently a cross between a landline and a mobile!!!) with Rowland at Las Guacamayas….

The Field Team have found 2 more juvenile Mexican Mussarana – Clelia scytalina

This species is only known from 11 localities, with very little buy levaquin 750 mg information available… so this is exciting news!

We also found juveniles on November 2013 expedition (photo above from 2013) … and we are still hoping to find adults before the end of the Expedition!

Indigo Expeditions Wildlife Research & Endangered Species Conservation in Guatemala

Mussarana, Clelia scytalina – Indigo Expeditions 2014

Published : 5th November 2014


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