New Discovery for National Park! Spiny Lizard – Sceloporus chrysostictus

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News from the Field 6 November 2014!

New Discovery of spiny lizard – Sceloporus chrysostictus.

Yesterday the Field Team discovered a species of spiny lizard or Sceloporus… it was identified as the Yucatan spiny scaled lizard – Sceloporus chrysostictus.

The Field Team found just one individual which unfortunately evaded having its photo taken… but we are confident this is a positive ID.

That means that Sceloporus chrysostictus is a NEW RECORD for the Laguna del Tigre National Park!!!

On a previous expedition in 2013, the Field Team did find another species of spiny lizard, Sceloporus teapensis… the  rose bellied spiny scaled lizard and we do have a photo of that one.

We are super excited about this latest find! Now we have not only a new discovery for Indigo Expeditions (the painted treefrog) but now a new discovery for the National Park (Sceloporus chrysostictus).

Published : 8th November 2014

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