Morelet’s Crocodile on the boardwalk!

Although we are at the end of the rainy season, and I expected there to be some water around, I did not expect that there would be so much and that it would still be raining so much (we had 65mm of rain last night!). I certainly wasn’t prepared for the Rio San Pedro to so high either.

Upon arriving at Las Guacamayas I was greeted by a mostly submerged dock, the boardwalk of which had broken off and floated away!
Unusually, there are very few crocodiles visible on the river. During the two boat rides I have taken so far, I have only seen one croc compared to the 10 or so we would see in May in the same purchase levaquin no prescription time on the water.
However, this one animal allowed me to finally get a decent photo of Morelet’s crocodile whilst it was basking on the boardwalk of the dock that is now lodged in vegetation at the confluence of the Rio Sacluc!
So now instead of watching crocodiles cruise up and down the river while eating my lunch, I now get treated to watching ospreys fishing in the river. A fair swap!!
Dock under water at Las Guacamayas

Dock under water at Las Guacamayas

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Published : 10th November 2013

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