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Lauren Lochrie –

Guatemala sounded so exotic and remote to me, I was intrigued by the beautiful scenery and the species diversity. As a zoologist who had developed their career towards educational conservation, I felt it had been too long since I had done some proper conservation research in the field. The extra experience could only further enhance my prospects and what a great life experience.

Sure enough, I was not let down, Las Guacamayas was so remote and picturesque. I learned new research methods and techniques and we came across some stunning and unusual species, some a new record for the area – what a pleasure to be part of this team.

One must not forget that it is hard work going out at night and carrying out such works but man it only adds to the excitement for the next morning to fully identify the samples from the night before.

I met and worked with a great bunch of like-minded people who I still remain in contact with. Currently, I manage the Glasgow Green Pathways project for the wildlife charity Froglife, I truly believe my experience from the expedition set me in a better position to get to this point.

Its a pleasure to have been part of the team. The cloud forest project sounds just fantastic,  I’m happy to hear things are expanding which only reflects the determination and skills of the people involved and in this time of change and uncertainty for many species world wide, this couldn’t come at a better time. Good job and all the best, I hope to join you once again!

Lauren Lochrie

May 2013

Lauren Lochrie - Indigo Expeditions

Green Pathways Project, Froglife

Published : 18th September 2015

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