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Sheri Bokhari – I have had a keen passion for animals since as far back as i can remember, but have had a special fascination for the reptile and amphibian kingdom for the last 11 years.

With a particular interest in snakes, my knowledge and experience grew through different working sectors and self study within the herpetological field. It was during my last years as a BSc student in Animal Biology that I had a bigger interest in field research involving these fascinating animals than the commercial side on my previous experiences.

It was around this time, that I met Rowland Griffin which brought me to my first field researching expedition trip in my life. Having finally tasted the ever increasing fascination of being in an area which so much wild diversity, learning new tools and methods, and knowing great people; that I have been shown a new light.

Through Rowland and his crew’s vision, I was able to create my own vision towards the conservation of the reptile and amphibian fauna.

Since then, I have been devoting myself to exploring and going on adventures; as well as educating many people in my surroundings about the respect and understanding for the reptiles (specially the snakes) and amphibians. Currently doing a Masters degree on Herpetology at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid.

Sheri Bokhari - Volunteer Researcher & Translator for Indigo
Photo: Sheri and Mexican mussarana, Clelia scytalina
Published : 15th October 2015


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