Two months of Snake Searching!

And so the journey begins!

I am here at the gate waiting for my flight to Arizona via Dallas. I am so excited about this two month expedition that ends with the ‘Barba Bonanza’ Indigo Expeditions at Las Guacamayas in October.

But before that I have so many adventures to have, places to explore and snakes to find! First stop is Arizona, where I will be meeting Matt Goode, a biologist from University of Arizona. I will be joining his field team for a month to help with his ecological studies of two rare snake species, the narrow-headed gartersnake and the ridge-nosed rattlesnake.

Next stop is California, to meet up with a good friend of mine and American Liaison for Project Chicchan, Bruce Edley. Then on to Guatemala on 22nd October, for the Project Chicchan expedition. Before that though, myself and Gary Powell (one of our Field Leaders) will be visiting a sea turtle project on the Pacific coast of Guatemala that is run by the owners of Las Guacamayas.

This is going to be an awesome trip, so I will be keeping you posted as I go along. We have just started boarding so I will see you on the other side of the Atlantic in a few hours!!

– Cheers Rowland!

Photo: Bruce, Gary and Rowland!

Published : 13th September 2014


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