Nick Kershaw from Impact Marathon Series talks with Rowland Griffin about sea turtle conservation, running, and his passion for Guatemala!

The Magic of Turtles.

by Rowland Griffin | Impact Marathon Series

The Magic of Turtles.

‘What was it about the turtles that got you hooked and brought you here?’

When I first came to El Banco it was just out of a curiousity. I had never seen sea turtles before. I can’t say I was particularly drawn to them as such. I just wanted to see and experience what a sea turtle was for myself.

When I did that, what I experienced was something that was almost magical.

Standing on the beach, on this black volcanic sand, with these really incredible waves that you see behind us, and watching these small turtles that are a matter of centimetres long, making a fervent effort to get to the sea with just this huge energy, only to get buffeted around by these huge waves.

Knowing that for the females they are going to be out at sea for the next 7 years before they come back to the beach, and the males are never going to come back again. They are never going to come back to land again.

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