Return to Peru – life changing encounter with loro machaco!

With the final preparations underway for our expeditions to Guatemala in May and June thoughts start to turn to what happens next, other than getting back to the tropics and seeing more amazing species of course!

In September 2015 we will be exploring the cloudforests of the Manu Biosphere Reserve in Peru. To say I am excited about this is an understatement!  Peru was my first experience of the tropics in 2006. I haven’t had the chance to return, until now.

Adela and I spent a month visiting Tambopata and Manu in the South East of Peru. Of course we visited the Incan city of Machu Picchu too.

On our first full day in the Amazon rainforest I found it, my first pitviper.

The stunning Western striped pitviper, or Loro Machaco as it is known locally (Bothriopsis bilineatus).

It was sleeping on a low-lying buy levofloxacin canada branch. I can remember the sight and feeling as if it were yesterday. I could barely speak to let Adela know I had found something! My fascination with vipers started at that moment.

After we left the lowlands of Tambopata, we headed up to the cloudforests of the Manu Biosphere Reserve and visited the ecolodge Tambo Paititi. We only had three days there, but oh my what a place. Some of the most beautiful forest I have ever seen.

So finally this year I get to return to the country where it all started. We will be spending two weeks in Manu surveying for reptiles and amphibians. As well as seeing the Loro machaco again, we hope to find species such as green anaconda, rainbow boas, caiman lizards, poison dart frogs, and the ever elusive bushmaster. 

Published : 8th April 2015

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