Preparations are underway for the October 2014 Expeditions!

Adventure! Explore! Discover!

We are Project Chicchan. We are working to promote the conservation of biodiversity. We focus on areas of the planet where little previous research has been carried out, with a particular passion for the Americas.

We are pioneers! We are specialists in the field of ecology & conservation, with a focus on those generally understudied wildlife groups: the reptiles! and the amphibians!

We are explorers! We take buy levofloxacin 750 mg expeditions to remote areas of the Americas, where we carry out ecological research, secretly hoping to discover ‘that new species’!

We are co-creators! We work closely with local communities, governments, and many other partners, bringing our skills together, to create community based conservation projects.

And we are READY!!! Any volunteers to help carry the field kit?!




Published : 8th September 2014

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