News from the field – Community Cloud Forest Conservation

News from the field – Community Cloud Forest Conservation

Expedition to the cloud forests of Alta Verapeaz, Coban, Guatemala 16 – 29 May 2015

16 May

The expedition has arrived safely in the cloud forest of alta verapaz, Central Guatemala! Happy herping !

17 May

First survey day – and a new species of helmeted iguana found in the Alta Verapaz valley, near Coban!

18 May

Alligator lizard Abronia gaiophantasma found in roof of shower block!

Corytophanes percanatus found – first record of this species of helmeted iguana for Coban!

19 May

We found our first snake today – a coffee snake. Its been raining all afternoon, hoping it will bring more snakes out.

21 May

Top find for today was the rare coffee snake Ninia pavimaculata – very exciting indeed!

22 May

New records of 2 species of Plectrohyla treefrog. these are new records for the area. One has only been previously recorded from one other location.

23 May

Tapir tracks found in Alta Verepaz mountains! Tapirs haven’t been found here for maybe 50 years – this is AWESOME news.

25 May

Little activity with a prolonged dry season in Coban. The rains have only just started to come as the dry season has been really long this year.

26 May

Climbing to 1950m in search of arboreal pitvipers since 5am… no signs yet!

27 May

After 2 days with little activity, we found 4 snakes! One of which is the rare pitviper Bothriechis aurifer – local name Rax K’aj or ‘green lightning’.

28 May

Last day of the Expedition to Alta Verepaz, Coban… lets see what turns up on the last day!

29 May

We are all packed and ready to head back to the city. Massive thanks to Tara, Rob and the staff at Community Cloud Forest  Conservation for being amazing hosts!

30 May

With the Volunteers researchers all safely on their ways home…. Rowland is taking some much deserved R&R at the coast… while also checking on progress of the sea turtle project at El Banco… more news of that to come!!!

Exciting times for Indigo Expeditions.. and a big thank you to all our Volunteers.. we really can’t do this without you!

– Adela Mei

(Photo: Bothriechis aurifer)

Published : 9th June 2015

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