New Expedition dates for 2013

New expedition Dates for 2013

Project Chicchan was launched in 2012. A pioneering conservation project based at the Las Guacamayas Biological Station in the forests of Northern Guatemala. We are delighted to announce the new expedition dates for November and December 2013!

New Expedition dates 30 Nov – 13 Dec 2013 & 17 Dec – 30 Dec 2013
The first expeditions in May/June this year produced amazing findings. With the help of volunteers who carried out the field surveys, we recorded 55 species of herps! Compared to previous findings in 1999 of 31 (Bestelmeyer & Alonso 2000), this is a staggering discovery. Top findings include: 2 species of snake not recorded before at Las Guacamayas (Clelia scytalina commonly known as a mussarana, and Tropidodipsas sartori, a species of snail-eating snake; 2 species of helmeted iguana, Corytophanes cristatus and C. hernandesi; and the rarely seen Yucatán casque-head treefrog, Triprion petasatus).

Not forgetting to mention mud turtles (2 species of Kinosternon) and the endemic and endangered Morelet’s crocodile (Crocodiles moreleti).

Due to the success of these expeditions, and overwhelming support from a team of supporters including Reptile Village Zoo, Conserv-Action, Snake Professional and Las Guacamayas, Project Chicchan is able to announce its dates for expeditions later this year. The Project aims to provide affordable expeditions for small groups, but also believes in providing comfortable accommodation and decent food! You will be well buy generic levaquin online looked after!


30 November – 13 December 2013
17 December – 30 December 2013

The cost is £800 per volunteer ( please see website for full details).

We hope to discover even more species of reptiles and amphibians on these expeditions. The research will provide solid scientific data to support CONAP (who manage

the protected areas of Guatemala) and ensure that the diverse communities of herp present will be represented in future management plans. The project will also establish a long-term research and monitoring project at the Las Guacamayas Biological Station, and promote the conservation of herpetofauna, and raise awareness of the importance of the Laguna del Tigre National Park.

For me, this has been a giant leap forward from working from a UK based conservation organisation, to setting up my own research project. It has been a long journey from researching adders in the UK to exploring the forests of Guatemala. Truly a dream come true. If you would like to find out more about the project please see the newly launched website

I hope to inspire all you budding conservationists out there to keep up the good work and do your bit to promote the wonderful diversity of herps!

Please contact us to register your interest as place are limited.

Rowland Griffin – Founder Project Chicchan


las Guacamayas

Thanks to our Supporters

Published : 14th July 2013

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