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JAN 2018

Did you miss what does 2018 has in store for Indigo. Read more



FEB 2018

Saving the spikethumb frog of Alta Verapaz. Read more

MAR 2018

165 Runners take part in the first Impact Marathon in Guatemala! Read more



Running for conservation in Antigua with Impact Marathon. Read more



Discover the Amphibians of Laguna del Tigre National Park. Read more


A Year in the life of Indigo! Read more

JULY 2017

The cloud forests of Alta Verapaz are a biodiversity hotspot! Read more



The conservation of Rax bolay relies on the education of local Mayan communities. Read more


Visit the Motagua Valley, home to the rare, and endemic, Guatemalan beaded lizard. Read more

APRIL 2017

MAY 2017

JUNE 2017

Conservation in Laguna del Tigre National Park, Guatemala. Read more

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Great news for the black-eyed treefrog.

Great news for the black-eyed treefrog Agalychnis moreletii. The red-eyed treefrog (Agalychnis callidryas) is one of the most recognisable amphibians of the world. Its big, bulging red eyes, and green skin make it a highly charismatic and lovable character...

A new appreciation for nature!

Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity to visit such a diverse and beautiful place. I’m only two weeks into my 8 week stay at Las Guacamayas, but I have order levaquin already learnt so much and developed invaluable field skills as I undertake my own...

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