Countdown to June expedition! Equipment arrives just in time.

Amazingly, it is just three weeks to go until the next Project Chicchan expedition to Las Guacamayas gets underway.

The run up to an expedition is always a busy time, there is so much to get organised. Flights, hotels, in-country transport, volunteers, budgets, supplies and a list of a myriad of other things that one forgets about until the last minute!

It is usually when new equipment arrives on the doorstep that the imminence of the expedition really hits me. That is exactly what has happened this week. The June expedition sees Project Chicchan take its largest group so far into Laguna del Tigre National Park, there will be 10 of us in total. This, rather excitingly, will allow us to have two field teams working simultaneously in different areas of the forest.

Of course this has meant sourcing a second set of survey equipment including a second GPS machine and set of Pesola spring scales and as new addition to our kit this year two anemometers for recording weather data. This has been made possible in part by volunteer contributions but also by the significant donation of the scales by Project Chicchan partners, Reptile Village Zoo (big thanks to James, Colin and Megan for their fundraising efforts in Ireland!).

By having two sets of equipment our field teams will be able to accurately record the position each individual reptile and amphibian they find using the GPS machine, as well as collect environmental data such temperature, humidity and barometric pressure at those positions. This will allow us to see what conditions different species prefer and how their behaviours respond those conditions. 

Now all we have to do is get out there and find some animals!!!

*** talking of last minute ***

** we have 2 places available **

* if you can jump onboard contact us asap *

Equipment kindly donated by fundraising by Reptile Village Zoo.

Equipment kindly donated by fundraising by Reptile Village Zoo.

Volunteer using pesola scales to weigh Imantodes

Volunteer using pesola scales to weigh Imantodes

Published : 27th May 2014

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