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Welcome to Indigo! Thank you for choosing to explore with us in 2018 to celebrate 5 years of research in Laguna del Tigre National Park!




23 JUN – 4 JUL 2018



Rowland Griffin

Rowland Griffin


Here we are at Las Guacamayas, in Laguna del Tigre National Park. This is where you will spend most of your time when you come out with us, with Indigo Expeditions. It’s a fantastic place for wildlife. The number of species we see just in the gardens here outside the bedrooms is just incredible.
Just behind me I’ve seen evidence of ocelot, I’ve heard puma, and it’s just incredible. We get monkeys coming in over the top of us in the afternoons feeding on fruits. It’s right in the middle of nature which is a fantastic place to teach people about tropical ecology, and particularly reptiles and amphibians. There’s a huge diversity here as well, over 90 species have been recorded in this area which is just amazing. And I wanted just to take some time to show you some of the highlights of this area that you will experience while you are with us.
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