Chasing the cloud forests of Alta Verapaz.

Chasing the cloud forests of Alta Verapaz

2014 Expedition

The field team have just completed their four day exploratory mission to a cloud forest reserve south of Coban in the highlands of Central Guatemala.

This wonderfully diverse and threatened habitat is classed as a Biodiversity Hotspot and upon arrival it quickly became apparent why.

Over the four days 23 species were encountered and our survey efforts barely scratched the surface!

Some of the highlights include the spectacularly coloured Sceloporus taeniocnemis with its bright red head, green body and electric blue tail, and the black-eyed tree frog Agalychnis moreletii.

Several of the species found were endemic to this mountain range or have limited geographic distributions. It is likely that many more remain to be officially recorded.

We are extremely excited to be able to work in this remote region of Guatemala and are planning an annual survey and monitoring programme!

Sceloporus taeniocnemis
Agalychnis moreletii
Sceloporus taeniocnemis (top left) Agalychnis moreletii (top) Bolitoglossa mulleri (bottom)
Bolitoglossa mulleri

The secretive six – critically endangered!

We can confirm the identification, that we found 6 species of rare amphibian… on the critically endangered list (IUCN). Proudly announcing, and in no particular order!

Craugastor lineatus

Plectrohyla pokomchi

Plectrohyla quecchi

Ptychohyla hypomykter

Agalychnis moreleti (Black-eyed treefrog)

Bolitoglossa mulleri (Mullers mushroom tongued salamander)

First published 21 June 2014
Published : 21st June 2014

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