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Great news for the black-eyed treefrog.

Great news for the black-eyed treefrog Agalychnis moreletii. The red-eyed treefrog (Agalychnis callidryas) is one of the most recognisable amphibians of the world. Its big, bulging red eyes, and green skin make it a highly charismatic and lovable character...

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Reviews & Reports

Travelling to Guatemala and beyond!

In a slight departure from the norm, we are going to look now at books that don’t feature amphibians or reptiles! One of the pleasures in travelling can be the anticipation and excitement leading up to a trip as you think about your plans and routes and a good guide...

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Digging deeper. Timber, Tourists & Temples

There are many ways to appreciate a tropical forest; the beauty of the environment and the sheer diversity surrounding you are immediately apparent and remain in the mind long after you’ve returned home. For many people, especially on a first visit, this is enough –...

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Anecdotes & tails. Of herps & habitats.

This time we’ll be focussing on a book that has been around for quite a while but has lots of relevant information and a really nice feel to it, being written in a relaxed manner but still packing in plenty of facts. The book is ‘Amphibians and Reptiles of Northern...

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