You can touch the clouds in Baja Verapaz

Baja Verapaz

Imagine yourself in Baja Verapaz. Home of the quetzal. Heart of the cloud forest.

Just a few ways to describe this beautiful part of the Central Highlands of Guatemala. Far from reaching for the skies, when you visit Baja Verapaz you feel like you can touch them – in fact most of the time you are amidst the clouds themselves.

You will notice the vibrancy of the forests here as soon as you enter it’s jungle embrace. Your senses pick up the deep greens, the musty earthy smell, and feeling of life everywhere. Even as you take a short walk along a forest trail, the forest will reveal to you many species of birds and insects. If you take a little closer inspection, you will start to notice frogs and lizards hiding in the undergrowth, as well as the occasional snake.

As you explore the picturesque mountains, fast flowing streams of clear water crisscross your path in the forest, sometimes forming great cascades with beautiful pools of water at their base. You have discovered the perfect place to sit and soak up the atmosphere. If you venture out at night they become a fabulous place where you will find treefrogs and glass frogs and you can enjoy listening to their symphony of calls.

Don’t miss out on the early mornings which are well worth rising for. You can’t beat sitting with your cup of fresh local coffee steaming in your hands, as you watch the dawn clouds lift from the forest. All that awaits you is the chance to capture the moment when a resplendent quetzal flies overhead whilst you sip your morning coffee in amazement!

Yellow blotched palm pitviper

Hartwegs Spikethumb Frog


Published : 11th February 2019

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