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Saving the spikethumb frog

The Alta Verapaz spikethumb frog (Plectrohyla teuchestes) is one of the most endangered frogs in Central America.


The spikethumb frog

Found nowhere else in the world, this enigmatic frog is endemic to the Xucaneb mountains of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala.

First recorded in the 1960s, it was more recently discovered by the Indigo Field Team in 2015!

Critically endangered, the survival of the spikethumb frog is threatened by habitat loss and disease.

Photo Credit: Rowland Griffin
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Rowland Griffin

Rowland is a passionate advocate for the conservation of reptiles & amphibians.

An experienced expedition leader from many years of fieldwork across the tropics, Rowland found his mission in Guatemala!


With such an amazing diversity of reptiles & amphibians in Guatemala, it is the perfect field classroom to teach wildlife enthusiasts about conservation, wildlife surveying, and connecting with nature!


A great teacher in fieldwork and practical herpetology.

Adam Rad


You don’t need to have any previous experience of field surveying, or other conservation project! Just a willingness to explore nature!


Indigo Field Teams have recorded a total of 13 amphibian species so far. A staggering 8 species are endangered and are the focus of our conservation work.

Since 2014 Indigo Field Teams have recorded a total of 36 species of reptiles and amphibians. Among some of the most striking are alligator lizards, helmeted iguanas, and palm pitvipers!
Our expedition visits the educational and research facility of Community Cloud Forest Conservation (CCFC) located in a secluded valley a few kilometres east of Coban, in the region of Alta Verapaz.
A comfortable shared dorm awaits you, with its own bathroom and even hot water heated by the wood burning stoves in the kitchen! Wake up each morning to a stunning sunrise over the Xucaneb Mountains as the morning mist rises revealing the breath-taking cloud forest!

From the time you are picked up by the Indigo Team in Guatemala, all in-country transport, accommodation, food, water & field training is provided! All you need to do is cover your flight to Guatemala City, grab your travel insurance, and cover any extra sundries!


11 Days from £1225.00 (EXC.FLIGHTS) APPLY


08 July – 18 July 2019 APPLY



We are pleased to count you as our friends and part of our conservation team. You are welcome here!

Rob & Tara Cahill

Community Cloud Forest Conservation

The Enigmatic Eight


This trip was important for me to learn the techniques of amphibian disease sampling and the continuing and “vital” conservation work Rowland is achieving.

Adam Radovanovic

We consider it a privilege to host Indigo Expeditions … Thank you for demonstrating your profound appreciation for nature and every living creature and the vast complexities of our interconnectedness.

Rob & Tara Cahill

Community Cloud Forest Conservation

Keeled helmeted iguana

Corytophanes percarinatus, the Keeled helmeted iguana, is another favorite found by our Indigo Field Teams!

Photo Credit: Rowland Griffin


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