Mission & Vision


Our Vision is of a world where the inter-connectedness of all life is honoured & appreciated, bringing humankind into harmonious relationship with nature, the earth and all creatures in the web of life.


The Indigo Mission is to be of Planetary Service, effecting Positive Change for humanity, by addressing wildlife conservation needs, and demonstrating an Appreciation for All Life.

Respect for nature

Indigo Expeditions are committed to the principles of deep ecology, world humanism, and unity in diversity. We encourage working with integrity and a respect for all life.

Rowland Griffin

“advocate for the conservation of reptiles and amphibians”

Since childhood I have been fascinated by the world of reptiles and amphibians, and conservation is at the heart of everything we do.

Rowland is a snake ecologist, teacher, and natural historian who leads reptile and amphibian conservation expeditions, research programmes, and nature tours. He is passionate about giving people the opportunity to explore and deepen their connection with nature. He also works as an ecological consultant, where he uses his field-based knowledge to improve the lives of reptiles and amphibians.

Rowland grew up on a diet of David Attenborough’s beautiful natural history films, and family walking holidays across the UK, and his fascination with amphibians and reptiles was sparked by an encounter with a python at school, when he was eight. That interest grew throughout his teens and twenties, until his first visit to a tropical rainforest in Peru in 2006. His encounter with a forest pitviper in the Tambopata National Reserve sealed his fate, and he spent the next six years exploring places such as India and Costa Rica in his search for those animals that has so inspired his childhood. It was that journey that brought him to Guatemala in 2012 and from which Indigo Expeditions was born.

Rowland holds a BSc. degree in Ecology and Conservation and is a current PhD. candidate at the Durrell Institute for Conservation and Ecology  (DICE) at the University of Kent where his thesis is investigating the effects of agriculture of the amphibian and reptile assemblage of Laguna del Tigre National Park in Northern Guatemala. His work has been featured by The Venom Interviews and Reptile n’ Chill, and he has appeared in the French TV documentary series ‘Vu Sur Terre’ and most recently on ‘Wild Guatemala with Nigel Marven’ for Animal Planet.

Originally from Kent in the UK, Rowland now spends most of his time exploring Guatemala’s diverse landscapes and wildlife.

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We consider it a privilege to host Indigo Expeditions.

Thank you for demonstrating your profound appreciation for nature and every living creature and the vast complexities of our interconnectedness.

We are pleased to count you as our friends and part of our conservation team. You are welcome here!

Rob & Tara Cahill

Community Cloud Forest Conservation

Thankyou Rowland and Adela for opening a door from my heart to learning more about reptiles.

This trip was full of firsts, it always replenishes my soul to explore with such wonderful people, to be able to share, explore and learn.

Rowland is always a patient, kind and generous teacher. He shares his knowledge passionately.

The setting is wonderful, the hosts are warm. I was able to enjoy a mindful and wonderful few days!


I learn to keep my eyes trying to spot reptiles in many different angles and focus… that helped me be inside the forest with a special attention that makes me feel all the benefits of nature.

I also learned to respect nature more than I had, and to respect reptiles because of the importance that they have for the environment..

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to explore and learn from you. And to meet wonderful Guatemalans and foreigners that make such a wonderful and good impact to our country.. we respect and thank you very much.