A little rainforest inspiration!

Ever wanted to be a tropical field biologist? This lovely video from TEAM provides insight into the day to day life of a field surveyor in the tropics.

We use standard vegetation protocols for its vegetation surveys. The Tropical Ecology & Monitoring Network (TEAM) provide protocols to survey and monitor vegetation plots in the tropical regions of the world. In this way the data can be shared and compared.TEAM have recently produced this video ‘Patricia’s Story’ explaining the importance of their work.

Patricia Alvarez buy levaquin uk travels two days by boat to measure more than 7,000 trees and vines in the remote, intact core of Peru’s Manú National Park. Her work is part of the TEAM Network, a global web of field stations that provide an early warning system for loss of biodiversity in tropical forests. The vegetation protocol followed by Patricia and her fellow TEAM scientists generates data that’s used to calculate biomass and carbon stocks on a global scale.

You can watch it here or on vimeo

Published : 25th May 2014

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