Having been fortunate enough to travel widely and do some serious herping I went to CCFC with an open mind. The organisation of the trip was first class and this particular destination was fantastic. There may be other places where the species count will be higher but it’s all about the experience. Rowland is a top guy and Guatemala a top place. Will I go again? You better believe it!

Graeme Skinner

Managing Director, Naturally Wild Consultants Ltd

Thanks Rowland for a wicked time! It has been a fantastic adventure from start to finish and has lived up to all my (very high!) expectations. You haven’t been making it up about Las Guacamayas or El Peten – it really is a special place. I hope this trip has helped set the Project in the right direction and that it can carry on from here. This is important work and I wish you every success with it – and will help in the future wherever I can. It’s also been a great laugh with a cool bunch of people! Cheers mate.

Gary Powell

Expedition Volunteer 2013, ARC

A fantastic experience. I have personally learned a lot from this project & our team leader, Rowland has organised a great expedition. Health & Safety protocols have been the priority throughout. I would love to return and help out with the future research as I feel I have gained a scientific knowledge of species identification. Thanks Rowland for all of your hard work!!

Adam Radovanovic

Expedition Volunteer 2013

Freakin’ awesome trip with this bunch of weirdos Great to have the opportunity to experience this habitat and a different country. Learnt a lot practical wise and great to be able to get involved with handling and the science side of surveying. Would love to come back again and help out with future research, especially with Rowland’s excellent leading & hardwork.

Karen Langley

Expedition Volunteer 2013

The Community Cloud Forest Conservation expedition with Indigo Expeditions was another experience I will remember for years to come, just like my earlier expedition to Las Guacamayas.

I came hoping to see plenty of new herps, and I wasn’t disappointed; so many fantastic species were found, including some critically endangered and scientifically significant ones that I felt very privileged to see.

There was also the opportunity to see some truly beautiful scenery in the Guatemalan highlands, from a variety of altitudes! 

Richard Southworth

Volunteer Researcher

It’s been a fantastic trip. Seen so many amazing herps and other animals and I’ve learned so much about capturing and recording snakes – an aim of mine. Las Guacamayas is a little gem with so much to offer, I look forward to seeing how the Project progresses in the future it would be a pleasure to remain part of it. Great team, I will miss the banter! Good job guys and well done Rowland.

Lauren Lochrie

Expedition Volunteer 2013

I was lucky enough to spend four weeks with Indigo Expeditions in the Las Guacamayas research station. The area, wildlife and atmosphere of the expedition did not disappoint. The expedition is run in a very unique way to previous experiences I have had, with a research objective in mind, yet an unrivalled respect for both fauna and flora of the area. It was refreshing to be surrounded with such amazing wildlife, with company that shares the same level of passion for everything encountered. Indigo Expeditions offers a chance to explore a relatively undisturbed area of natural Guatemalan humid forest, whilst maintaining a relaxed yet professional experience. I would highly recommend the expeditions and hope to get back out there soon myself!

Max Jones

Volunteer Researcher

What a trip! I’ve been on many similar trips, all over the world and I have to say, this one was one of the best!! Great location, amazing species (and lots of them!) a fantastic team and top class facilities! I’m really looking forward to getting more involved in this Project and with Rowland’s skills and enthusiasm, it can only succeed.

James Hennessy

Owner, National Reptile Zoo

The Project has been an amazing experience for me. I have learnt so much and have gained an amazing respect for snakes and fallen more in love with frogs! Las Guacamayas is a beautiful forest and lovely people. Rowland this trip has surpassed my expectations and I will be going home full of knowledge and passion (oh-er!). Thankyou!

Gemma Harding

Expedition Volunteer 2013

WOW! What an amazing trip, I am pleased to have been given the chance to learn and gain new skills. The highlight of my time here was to spot my first wild Bothrops, an experience that will last a lifetime. Thanks for a great trip and all your hard work Rowland.

Chris Charles

Expedition Volunteer 2013

Rowland thanks for an awesome time! The Project and the stay at Las Guacamayas has provided an amazing insight into the herpetofauna of the region, much different to that back home. I came here hoping to improve my knowledge of reptiles and amphibians and have definitely achieved this, it has been great to work with yourself and other professionals. Best of luck with all your future research, hope to work with you again – let us know if you need volunteers!

Leigh Deutscher

Expedition Volunteer 2013

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