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Please support our fundraising for our sea turtle conservation work in Guatemala.

Plans have begun to renovate the Indigo Turtle House at the turtle hatchery Tortugario el Banco.  This will allow us to set up our sea turtle conservation and research station focusing on Olive Ridley, green, and leatherback sea turtles! 

The Indigo Turtle House

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So far in the 2016 season, the turtle hatchery Tortugario el Banco has released a record breaking 105,248 Olive Ridley sea turtle hatchlings!

100% of Donations went directly to fund the Tortugario!

In 2016 we continued our conservation work with the community of El Banco, on the Pacific Coast of Guatemala. The turtle hatchery has seen record numbers of Olive Ridley sea turtles, and also leatherbacks. 


Our Reptile & Amphibian Biodiversity Survey Team made it into the field!

100% of Donations went directly to fund the Expedition!

In 2015, El Niño had a major impact on rainfall in Guatemala, and your support enabled us to continue our biodiversity monitoring in Laguna del Tigre National Park, Guatemala. You can read the FULL REPORT HERE

I was lucky enough to spend four weeks with Indigo Expeditions in the Las Guacamayas research station. The area, wildlife and atmosphere of the expedition did not disappoint.

The expedition is run in a very unique way to previous experiences I have had, with a research objective in mind, yet an unrivalled respect for both fauna and flora of the area.

It was refreshing to be surrounded with such amazing wildlife, with company that shares the same level of passion for everything encountered. 

Indigo Expeditions offers a chance to explore a relatively undisturbed area of natural Guatemalan humid forest, whilst maintaining a relaxed yet professional experience.

I would highly recommend the expeditions and hope to get back out there soon myself!

Max Jones

Volunteer Researcher

A fantastic experience. I have personally learned a lot from this project & our team leader, Rowland has organised a great expedition. Health & Safety protocols have been the priority throughout. I would love to return and help out with the future research as I feel I have gained a scientific knowledge of species identification. Thanks Rowland for all of your hard work!!

Adam Radovanovic

Volunteer Researcher

Thanks Rowland for a wicked time! It has been a fantastic adventure from start to finish and has lived up to all my (very high!) expectations. You haven’t been making it up about Las Guacamayas or El Peten – it really is a special place.

Gary Powell

Volunteer Researcher

Please support our mission to promote the conservation of biodiversity in Guatemala! All donations go directly to fund our conservation projects.

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