Indigo Expeditions

Promoting the Conservation of Biodiversity

Explore with Indigo and connect with your true nature #indigoherpers



Indigo Expeditions

Promoting the Conservation of Biodiversity

Explore with Indigo and connect with your true nature #indigoherpers


Join our conservation mission to protect endangered species.

Whether its turtles, crocodiles, snakes or frogs! You can contribute to ethical & respectful wildlife conservation in remote areas of the tropics and connect with your true nature.

We believe your willingness to participate, and to contribute to something greater than your individual self, is all it takes to make the world a better place!

Beautiful black-tailed Indigo snake cruises through gardens.

We were stunned to find this beautiful black-tailed Indigo snake (Drymarchon melanurus) cruising through the gardens of Las Guacamayas during our recent expedition to Laguna del Tigre National Park. Seriously one of my favourite all time snakes!! NOTES FROM THE FIELD:...
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Long awaited encounter with Boa imperator in the jungles of Guatemala!

One of the worlds most iconic snakes, the common boa (Boa imperator). It is always amazing to actually find them in the wild. We haven’t seen one at Las Guacamayas since 2013. What a joy!!   NOTES FROM THE FIELD: Rowland Griffin, 15 July...
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First record of lesser galliwasp (Celestus rozellae) for Laguna del Tigre National Park, Guatemala

The other day I was called to the tourist rooms at Las Guacamayas to look at a skink that had been found. It turned out not to be a skink at all, but this lesser galliwasp (Celestus rozellae). It is the first record for Laguna del Tigre National Park. NOTES FROM THE...
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Beautiful tropical ratsnake (Pseudelaphe flavirufa) sighting at Las Guacamayas!

It was amazing to find this 1.3m long tropical ratsnake (Pseudelaphe flavirufa) close to the Rio San Pedro on the trail to Wak’a the other night. Such a beautiful snake and the first sighting for me and Indigo Expeditions.   NOTES FROM THE FIELD: Rowland, 3...
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Baby furrowed wood turtle (Rhinoclemys areolata) wandering through the garden.

This baby furrowed wood turtle (Rhinoclemys areolata) wondered through the garden at Las Guacamayas yesterday afternoon.   NOTES FROM THE FIELD: Rowland, 29 June 2016    ...
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Upcoming Expeditions!

Our expeditions are designed for wildlife enthusiasts with a passion for exploring the tropics, and we specialise in the reptile and amphibian groups of Guatemala, Central America.

2017 Dates

Crocodile Project:

23 June to 23 August (60 days)

Herping for the Future:

15 to 28 July (2 weeks) & 5 to 18 August (2 weeks)

Herpetological Surveying

14 - 27 Nov 2016 | £1,195

An Amazing Trip!

“WOW! What an amazing trip… the highlight of my time here was to spot my first wild Bothrops.”
Chris Charles


Get out there!

“I highly recommend anybody who wants to gain experience out in the field to get out there with Indigo Expeditions!”
Ben Owens

In Love with Frogs!

“I have learnt so much and have gained an amazing respect for snakes and fallen more in love with frogs!”
Gemma Harding

A new appreciation for nature!

Chloe Lewis – thank you so much for this incredible opportunity to visit such a diverse and beautiful place. I’m only two weeks into my 8 week stay at Las Guacamayas, but I have already learnt so much and developed invaluable field skills as I undertake my own...

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Teaching me so many things about Nature

Judith Janisch – so far the past two weeks have been very adventurous, full of adrenaline, joy and I have learned a lot. Thank you Indigo for giving me the great opportunity of coming to Las Guacamayas! Being able to see this wonderful place, letting me carry...

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Another wonderful adventure with Indigo

Dani Gygax – thank you very much for letting me share another wonderful adventure with Indigo. I consider it a privilege, not only being able to experience so many great moments, but also having the opportunity to learn from such a great human being in a...

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Our volunteering opportunities are listed in Green Volunteers: working with animals, wildlife and nature conservation volunteering Database


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